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Flash MX in the Real World

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As you can probably tell, I have not had the time to update my blog as often as I wish. One reason is because of all the work me and my brother have been doing for our clients.

One site that we released this week was www.bvcoins.com (although it is not yet fully completed.) Now, I would not usually mention my own work, but I believe this site represents the power the new MX platform has in addressing the wants and needs of clients.

We were approached to develop a site, in a very short time frame, that included a feature that would allow customers to zoom in and view hi-res images of rare coins (See the zoom feature on any one of the coins). As we discussed this with the client, we decided that a Flash MX developed application would do the trick. Why? Couldn’t we have just used a Java applet, or placed a hi-res image right on a page? The customer told us that he also wanted to add video and audio to the pages. As we considered the options, we relalized that Flash MX could handle all of these very well. Although only a minority of people have the new v.6 of the player installed, using different platforms and delivery techniques for each of these features would have raised the potential of inevitable user dissatisfaction and confusion.

So, here we are, selling Flash MX to the customer as the delivery platform. And, it worked :) Not only do we feel like Flash evangelists, but I believe this truly is the best option for the customer and user.

- Flash MX offers a single plugin for multiple media types.
- Development cycle, vs. Java, is faster.
- Development cycle, vs. Java is cheaper.
- Making additions to the site functionality will not require current users to download any other plugin.
- Browser compatibility within flash is almost eliminated.
- Flash plugin is a relatively small download.
- The installation of the plugin is simple, from a user standpoint.

Do you sell ‘Flash MX’ to your customers? What reasons do you or would you give?

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September 24th, 2002 at 2:43 pm

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One Year Later

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I sit here this morning watching all of the coverage on TV. I had told myself all week that I would go about my usual business, and not let the terrorists ‘win.’ But as flip the channels and hear the names of those who were killed, I can’t help but feel all of the emotions of that day resurfacing. Much has changed in my life since then, including my wife being activated with the Air Force. (She was just extended for another year.)

So whats my point….take this time, the time you are reading this… to remember those people who were killed. Remember their families, friends, and children. Pray, have a moment of silence, or whatever you may be compelled to do for these people. They need our support today.


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September 11th, 2002 at 7:46 am

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Data Grid Component

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It looks like Macromedia has finally made their DataGrid component available in the Macromedia MX Developer Resource Kit. But, you are going to have to part with $99 to get it. Of course, you get much more than just that component.

Some have shown a little suprise at the fact that Macromedia is charging for their third component set. Do I wish that it was free….of course, free is always good :) But, I will probably shell out the $99 to make my life easier and to have a GREAT set of tools. Jarle pointed out that a subscription service would be an idea. I completely agree…if they can keep us the output of great resources, I would fully be willing to part with some of my $$$ for it.

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September 8th, 2002 at 12:45 pm

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Go Pre-Order This!

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In my general surfing this morning, I noticed that on Amazon.com you can pre-order Branden Hall’s new book: Object Oriented Programming with Actionscript. Although I have had the basic principle of OOP drilled into my head from various professors over time, I believe that this book will give refreshing view of OOP in relation to Flash App. Development. Go and pre-order it, I did :)

Branden also has the web site for the book up and running.

Written by Daniel Dura

September 8th, 2002 at 9:36 am

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