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Trogdor Lives!

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Well, first Grant did it… then my brother Josh did it… and I just couldn’t resist!

This is our first Halloween here in San Francisco, and although we are not down in the Castro tonight (apparently they are expecting over 300,000 people down there this year), we are definitely trying to get into the spirit.

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October 31st, 2004 at 8:32 pm

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Macromedia: A View from the Inside

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So, have you ever wondered what its like inside the hallowed halls of Macromedia? Have you ever wanted to ask one of the engineers something about that product you love so much? Ever wondered who it is that is working behind the scenes? I know I did before I worked here. Lately I have become somewhat accustomed to the idea that if I have a question about the Flash Player, I can walk over a row and talk to an engineer who designed the feature. I have gotten to know many of the amazing people who work here and it has provided a lot of insight into the real vision that the company has. I have also been able to have a lot of fun, learning the fun little quirks of the Macromedia culture, just like any workplace has.

So, I thought I would start to crack open the door a little. If you have any question at all, whether technical or quirky, please submit it to questions[at]danieldura[dot]com and I will answer them! Well, maybe not every single one, there may be to many for that. But, I will pick one day a week (maybe Friday) and answer one or more of the questions, provide photos if possible, and for technical questions I may be able to con one of our engineers into answering the question directly.

This is meant to be both fun and informative. So here are a few examples of questions you can ask:

- Who has the coolest cube at Macromedia?
- Where do you guys eat lunch?
- Who is the product manager for the Flash Player team?
- Can you tell me how to use the X feature of X product?
- Or anything!

What you can’t ask:
- When is the next version of X coming out?

So, you are probably wondering if there is any incentive to doing this? Well, I can’t promise anything, but I do have some random pieces of Macromedia schwag laying around that I can definitely part with. So, if your question(s) gets answered, I will try and send you something.

So, here is your chance, ask away, submit as many questions as you like…. questions[at]danieldura[dot]com

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October 27th, 2004 at 12:25 pm

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MAX and the Election, I voted already!

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Unless you didn’t realize already, MAX this year happens to occur right on top of the November election. That means that if you are going to MAX and are a US citizen over the age of 18, you need to 1) register to vote, and 2) either get an absentee ballot or vote in the early election if your state has one. I know that in San Francisco, the last day to register is Monday (October 18th). Also, early elections have started here. On my way into work today, I walked the extra two blocks off my normal path to City Hall, registered to vote, and submitted my ballot at the same time. Man does it feel great! Anyways, make sure and check out the link below for more election information:

Macromedia MAX Election Info

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October 15th, 2004 at 12:16 pm

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My New Sidekick II

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After the Sidekick II was announced a month or two ago, I had considered getting one. The idea of being totally connected all the time was almost too good to be true. After Christian Cantrell was showing me his new Sidekick when he was in town, I decided now was as good a time as any to dive in and make the jump.

Let me say, I am glad I did. I have only had the phone for a few days, but it has already transformed the way I communicate. Having AIM and my email follow me around all day makes it less of a priority to whip open the laptop at every free moment. This weekend while watching some football, I was able to answer a few emails and IMs sitting on my couch.

The only downside at the moment is the lack of enterprise integration or a VPN client. If that was addressed, I don’t believe anything could stop the spread of this device in both the teen demographic and enterprise environments. With the built in camera, one thing I will be doing is starting a moblog here. Maybe take you through a day here in the Macromedia offices. Any thoughts?

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October 11th, 2004 at 11:42 am

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Free Non-Commercial Flex Licenses

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If you are a student, educator, or want to use Flex for a non-commercial, non-institutional purpose, you can now receive a Flex license to do just that…. for free!

For full details, check out the FAQ, the Scenarios, and the full press release.

Written by Daniel Dura

October 5th, 2004 at 2:22 pm

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