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A New Project

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Just this last week, I completed a project for Fujitsu Network Communications, here in Dallas. I just thought that I would point you over to the site. (http://www.fnc.fujitsu.com/supercomm2003/index.jsp) There is a link to the project on the bottom right section of the screen.

*** NOTE ***
This flash movie is intended to be viewed using a broadband connection or higher.
*** NOTE ***

I must say that this has been an extremely large project, mainly becuase of the backend that runs the ‘Virtual Tradeshow.’ All information regarding the content and videos is stored externally in XML files so that individuals who are not knowledgable about Flash development can easily make changes to the system. The 3D model was built using Swift3D, and has changed numerous times from its first inception. Also, each object within the Virtual Tradeshow is encapsulated into its own component. For example, the window that appears when the user clicks on a product or solution, is a component. Also, the button set within that window is a component, etc. I will probably give a more detailed explanation of some great tips I learned on this project at a later date. I will be doing a more thorough ‘postmortem’ in about 2 weeks to examine what went well on this project, and what could be improved. This has become a ritual for me, and I encourage you to do this on your projects.

Right now, I have about 6 more projects that need to be completed by next week, or I will be toast. Also, just a short note that this is v1 of this project, and much more will be added in its functionality within the next few months. Feel free to let me know what you think, but don’t be too tough.

Written by Daniel Dura

May 22nd, 2003 at 8:14 am

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  1. Hey Daniel,

    Nice work! Our team was just out at Fujitsu headquarters in Dallas for a partner meeting and some demonstrations, we might have been in the building at the same time. :) I really like the incorporation of the video, it really adds impact. Now I need to convince the division of Fujitsu that we work with (FTXS) to build a virtual tradeshow of the ATM booth setup.

    Nice work!

    Robert M. Hall

    22 May 03 at 8:47 am

  2. Thanks for the complement, I really appreciate it.
    Yeah, that is one of our sister companies out here! They have done some pretty neat work with Flash and the ATM Machines. Was that you, I can’t remember. In fact, they actually manufacture some of those machines of here on our campus in Richardson. Hmmm…..maybe time for a little trip :)

    Daniel Dura

    22 May 03 at 9:37 am

  3. I think you’re off to a great start!

    I recognize that the “virtual tradeshow” aspect is just an analogy, but if I were a potential customer, I would want more interactivity with the products, like a tradeshow offers. Also, I’m not into networking, but my eyes were a little glazed over getting overwhelmed by the info presented. Maybe some type of staged disbursement of info, rather than what it seems like “turn on the fire hose”?

    Honestly, I only looked at it for a few minutes, so there’s a good chance I missed things. Overall, an excellent beginning!

    Jonathan Kaye

    22 May 03 at 11:53 am

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