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Don’t adjust your TV…

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Im in the process of updating my blog design (so, it has been two years, give me a break). More news soon…

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February 6th, 2004 at 2:18 pm

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Blog Spam War (part 2)

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Even after installing mt-blacklist and purging my system of almost 5000 spam comments, I am still getting spammed quite heavily. I have received almost 500 spam comments in just the past few hours.

So…. I just deleted my comments.cgi. Until MT releases the comment registration, no more comments. Take that you bastards….

If you still want to get in touch with me, feel free to email me.

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January 16th, 2004 at 10:06 am

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2 Jobs: Flash Developers

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Who says the economy isn’t getting better?

I have been asked by Fujitsu Network Communications (based in a suburb of Dallas, Texas, a subsidiary of Fujitsu, Ltd., the third largest IT company in the world, 180,000 employees worldwide, 38 billion in revenue last year) to recommend some individuals for 2 new positions for Flash Developers that have just opened up. These positions are for Flash Developers with an intermediate to advanced knowledge level of ActionScript. If you have experience in Flash design, motion graphics, etc., also feel free to send me your information. These are great positions which will allow you creative freedom, while working for a large, stable corporation. Along with Flash, you will also need to know the basics of publishing web pages, etc.; standard stuff. The only catch is that they would prefer that you be local to the Dallas area. If you are not local, still send me your resume, etc.

Send your resume or questions to:

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January 12th, 2004 at 8:45 am

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Blog Spam War…

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…has been declared on my blog for some reason. Overnight, I received about 400-500 (yes the number is correct) blog comment spam entries. So, until I can install a system for dealing with the spam, I have disabled the comments. It is pretty sad when it comes to this, it really takes the fun out of blogging…

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January 9th, 2004 at 8:01 am

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Inside MAX 2003

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Well, today is the final day of the MAX 2003 conference here in beautiful Salt Lake City. What an amazing conference it has been. There have been many new product announcements, sneak peaks, and lot of enthusiasm for the future of the Macromedia product line.

This afternoon I will be giving my third and final session, “Deconstructing a Macromedia Central Application.” Luckily (uhhum…) I will be giving it in the last time slot on the last day. Turnout has been amazing at the first two sessions, so if you are still here, feel free to stop by and introduce yourself.

Just a few highlight of the conference:

  • Central Developers Release – on Wednesday, Macromedia announced the release of Macromedia Central. All the APIs are done, the application is polished, and a very thourough SDK is now available.
  • Macromedia / AOL Partnership – One of my personal favorites, AOL and Macromedia have partnered to open up the AIM service to Macromedia Central developer. This is VERY significant, AOL has never opened up the API as they are doing here. The possibilities for using this technology are infinite. Ill have more information about this later….hmm….
  • FLEX (codename Royale) – Let me be honest, I was actually quite sceptical of FLEX after a late night Macromedia breifing I attended on Sunday evening before the conference. After viewing numerous demos of the technology in action and the workflo available to FLEX developers, let me say that I am becoming convinced of its value VERY quickly. Again, more information to come. :)
  • Breeze Live API – Peldi gave a great example of how the Breeze Live API is being opened up to flash developers. Web Services, Pods, etc. Also, Peldo showed off a great little Central application that he built that would alert you when new users entered a breeze live meeting, so you would know when to join that meeting. Just one example of what I believe will be many more applications and extensions to Breeze.

And, not to mention, there have been some great speakers and great events. The party at the Ogden Ice Sheet (the speed skating venue for the 2002 Winter Olympics) was quite amazing, lots of food and drink, and some neat (albeit loud) music.

Ill have another post later about a Case Study that has been published regarding a Central Application that I built.

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November 21st, 2003 at 11:22 am

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The Ultimate Flash/Central Community Party

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Well, it seems that Mike Chambers has been secretly planning, from what I understand, sounds to be like an awesome party for all you Flash developers, Central developers, and those of you who are just curious.

There will be food, drinks, video games (of course), wi-fi, and some of the actual Central team there. So, if you have a question about Central, need help with an app you are developing, or are just curious about how Central will benefit you, be sure and stop by. I will be there!

And as a side note, I know Mike won’t announce this, but if you really want to see him get beaten up playing video games, this will be a perfect time…hehe…. (bring it on Mike).

Written by Daniel Dura

November 12th, 2003 at 1:53 pm

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History 2.0?

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There is a very interesting article on MSNBC.com today about the recent announcement from Amazon announcing the new search functionality on thier site. If you were unaware, Amazon now is offering the ability for you to search the text of ‘only’ 120,000 books. The author of the article successfully persuaded me to see that not only is the new search a revolution for the internet, but the beginning of maybe a new way for us to view the past, and the present. In other words, maybe it is the end of the Information Age, and the beginning of the Information Age 2.0.

Read the Article Here

Written by Daniel Dura

November 3rd, 2003 at 1:53 pm

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Pioneer – The next Napster?

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Ok, so I know the title is a bit overblown, but the I believe there may be a small parrallel between the electronics manufacturer and the now deceased file-sharing twin of the new Napster 2.0. Are we going to reexamine the copyright issue, just in another light?

While I was browsing an online news source, I saw an ad for a TiVo/DVD-Burner set-top box, manufactured by the electronics giant Pioneer (who notably from what I understand has no investment in any large studios, unlike Sony). I began to think to myself, “Wait a sec, wouldn’t this break copyright?”. Now, maybe I am wrong, but lets think about something: Lets say you TiVo a movie from HBO, burn it on a disk, and then maybe give that disk to a friend. From my understanding of the law, you have just committed a felony by distributing copyrighted material. Not only that, but lets say that you just burn it for your own library. This can’t make the movie studios happy, and they are sure to have a fit.

Now lets be honest, I know there are probably plenty of people out there who are TiVo’ing there favorite shows and burning them to disk. Its pretty harmless: maybe its your favorite episode of a show, or your childs favorite cartoon. But when devices and software are developed that condsiderably lower the ‘effort’ curve, and provide near 100% original quality (aka digital), I have never seen corporate America react in a positive way. And why should they, they plan on selling you the DVD set of Season 1 of Friends for $59.95? Why should you be allowed to ‘rip’ it from your digital satellite signal, and straight to CD?

Just trying to fire up some conversation on Friday, any thoughts? Will this device stir up another round of lawsuits? In any case, I know I want one :)

Written by Daniel Dura

October 31st, 2003 at 2:00 pm

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My New Powerbook

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Well, I finally did it. Two days ago, I received my brand new 1.25ghz, 15.2″, w/ SuperDrive Apple Powerbook. This decision has pretty much been a year in the making. After being unhappy with my current laptop I decided, ‘Why not?’, and purchased this powerbook.

First impressions: Absolutely AMAZING. First, the laptop is silent. Let me rephrase that, ABSOLUTELY SILENT. This is a new experiance for me. My other laptop sounded like a hoover vacuum on steroids. It almost seems unnatural to be sitting here typing and be able to hear what is going on around the house.

Second, Panther is great and in general OS X is great. I was a bit worried about feeling alienated from my operating system, not being able to perform the functions I have in the past on my PC. But honestly, I am starting to realize how easy things should have been on my PC.

Third, Central looks great in OS X :)

Fourth, Expose is the greatest thing since sliced bread, not to mention it just plain looks cool. Within one click, I can see the desktop, a thumbnail of the windows for the current app, or all the windows that are open.

Fifth, battery life, although less than what I hear older TiBooks got, is still great compared to my old machine. I have been able to get 3 hours without really trying too hard. Im pretty sure I could push that to 3 1/2-4 if I tried.

Sixth, the heat issues I have heard about from other people are not as bad as I had worried about. Does it get a little warm? Yeah, what machine doesnt. But it sure isnt anything that I am worried about burning me.


Anyways, now here is for a few requests from you powerbook owners out there. Any tips or tricks you can offer a Flash Developer who is new to Apple? What do you use to code AS in? I am trying to find an app that allows me to easily have a million action script files open at once and move between them easily. (OK, big request, I know). Also, is there a ‘Alt-tab windows style’ shortcut in OS X, for jumping between windows quickly?

Second question: Does anyone know of a good CVS client for OS X?

Written by Daniel Dura

October 29th, 2003 at 6:39 am

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DRK 5 Released

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Today the DevNet Resource Kit, volume 5 (DRK5) was released to DevNet Subscribers. Apparently the CDs have not been completed yet, but are soon to follow. Honestly, if you are looking to get the best value for your dollar, this is the DRK to buy. You may ask why? Well, read below:

DRK5′s Flash MX 2004 Content includes:

1. A NEW Tab Bar Component
2. An updated release of the Flash UI Component Set 3, so it will be compatible with the Flash 7 Player
3. An updated release of the Flash UI Component Set 4
3. An updated release of the Flash UI Component Set 5
6. An updated release of the Bevel Components
7. An updated release of the charting components released in the last DRK (DRK4)

So, basically you are getting 5 DRKs worth of components for the price of one.

It also includes two wonderful sample applications for you to take apart:
1. A Weather Application that allows you to search for and store your local weather information.
2. A Font Browser you can use to explore that constantly enlargin font library you have.

And to top it off, there are two new extensions for Flash MX 2004, and a ton of other items for ColdFusion MX, Fireworks MX 2004, and Dreamweaver MX 2004.

One of my favorite items is Pollster v2. Pollster v2 has many new features, most notably the Flash interface allows an unlimited number of answers/options, the legend supports multiline labels, and there is a tab that allows the user to browse past polls.

This information was gathered from browsing through the DRK, and I assume that more information should come soon on Macromedia’s site, probably when the CD’s are ready to ship.

[More information via Christian Cantrell]

Written by Daniel Dura

October 24th, 2003 at 3:50 pm

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