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It’s True – A Free Flex SDK

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You may have seen the news swirling around CNET and a few blogs. I can confirm that what they say is true. Rub your eyes and read the statement again if you must. Most of these news outlets jumped the gun on the announcement, not that I can blame them. I have had a hard time keeping this news quiet myself.

Part of the pricing model for Flex 2 will include a free SDK which contains a command line compiler and documentation. It will also allow you to develop, compile, and deploy Flex applications with no additional server or licensing requirements. There is not a lot more we can say right now but as we get closer to the final release you should see more news about this.

The other part of the announcement is that we will be releasing the Flex 2 Beta and the first public release of the Flex Enterprise Services Server Beta on Adobe Labs very very soon. I really don’t want the free SDK to overshadow how amazingly awesome these releases are. Overall this is a huge update for Flex Builder as well as many changes and enhancements in the language and framework. I will outline these changes in a later post. For now, start freeing up some time to start playing with the updated Flex 2 Beta.

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January 31st, 2006 at 3:23 pm

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