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My New Powerbook

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Well, I finally did it. Two days ago, I received my brand new 1.25ghz, 15.2″, w/ SuperDrive Apple Powerbook. This decision has pretty much been a year in the making. After being unhappy with my current laptop I decided, ‘Why not?’, and purchased this powerbook.

First impressions: Absolutely AMAZING. First, the laptop is silent. Let me rephrase that, ABSOLUTELY SILENT. This is a new experiance for me. My other laptop sounded like a hoover vacuum on steroids. It almost seems unnatural to be sitting here typing and be able to hear what is going on around the house.

Second, Panther is great and in general OS X is great. I was a bit worried about feeling alienated from my operating system, not being able to perform the functions I have in the past on my PC. But honestly, I am starting to realize how easy things should have been on my PC.

Third, Central looks great in OS X :)

Fourth, Expose is the greatest thing since sliced bread, not to mention it just plain looks cool. Within one click, I can see the desktop, a thumbnail of the windows for the current app, or all the windows that are open.

Fifth, battery life, although less than what I hear older TiBooks got, is still great compared to my old machine. I have been able to get 3 hours without really trying too hard. Im pretty sure I could push that to 3 1/2-4 if I tried.

Sixth, the heat issues I have heard about from other people are not as bad as I had worried about. Does it get a little warm? Yeah, what machine doesnt. But it sure isnt anything that I am worried about burning me.


Anyways, now here is for a few requests from you powerbook owners out there. Any tips or tricks you can offer a Flash Developer who is new to Apple? What do you use to code AS in? I am trying to find an app that allows me to easily have a million action script files open at once and move between them easily. (OK, big request, I know). Also, is there a ‘Alt-tab windows style’ shortcut in OS X, for jumping between windows quickly?

Second question: Does anyone know of a good CVS client for OS X?

Written by Daniel Dura

October 29th, 2003 at 6:39 am

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  1. Hey Daniel, interested to hear that you did decide on the SuperDrive, remember a discussion with you on Central Dev Chat on the pros & cons.

    Andrew Muller

    29 Oct 03 at 7:15 am

  2. I am so glad you posted this, I’ve been thinking about a Apple PowerBook for about a year and I almost made up my mind about getting one this Xmas, but I was worried cause I’ve been on PC forever.

    Do you feel like your missing anything from PC when working in Flash? or is a clean migration to Mc OS 10?

    LordAlex Leon

    29 Oct 03 at 8:42 am

  3. Honestly, I havent used Flash but for a few hours to do some minor corrections of my work. So I will probably post a little later on how that migration goes. Regarding general PC use, so far so good. In fact the whole usability is a major imrovement, it really makes general tasks much easier.

    I ended up with the superdrive because I figured why not? I was originally going to get the 12″ with combo, but made two decisions.

    1. The screen on the 12″ is just to small for my weak eyes :) Also, it is of less quality than the 15″. Basically it looks like one of the iBook screens. I thought that the 15″‘s size would make portability a problem, but it has actually been a joy to carry around. I havent travelled on a plane with it yet, but again I will let you know how that goes.

    2. The superdrive is just plain one of those things that would be fun to have. I have a lot of video on minidv, and I cant wait to convert it to DVD.

    Daniel Dura

    29 Oct 03 at 8:51 am

  4. Daniel – for ActionScript editing I use the latest version of BBEdit (7.0.2 I think) which includes support for CVS and is definitely the best Mac text editor on the market. Get the AS language module and you should be set. Unfortunately, it doesn’t include code hinting.

    To switch apps you should be able to use Cmd-Tab, and I hear the new cmd-tab in Panther is much better than the old way. Haven’t upgraded yet myself.

    Sean Voisen

    29 Oct 03 at 9:05 am

  5. Hi,

    I use jEdit http://www.jedit.org for Actionscript. The greatest features are the FTP,IRC,CVS etc. plugins.
    If you wan’t to use the 4.2pre6 (a lot faster than 4.1) remove the MacOS plugin, there is no need for it.


    29 Oct 03 at 9:31 am

  6. I will second Seans suggestion of BBEdit. Best tool out there.

    and CMD-TAB will allow you to jump app to app.

    check out http://www.macosxhints.com for more osx stuff.


    29 Oct 03 at 9:58 am

  7. Get LaunchBar from http://www.obdev.at/

    It lets you launch any program from a quick and simple keyboard shortcut – that you don’t have to learn – you make them up as you go along and it learns what you mean with you type “F2″ or “PB” or “IE”

    It’s quite bad ass and will keep your dock from getting unmanagable.

    Branden Hall

    29 Oct 03 at 10:04 am

  8. John

    29 Oct 03 at 10:04 am

  9. Congratulations! I think the new 15″ Powerbooks are the finest laptops currently available. I’m using an old 15″ which is nice, but I have my eye on a 1.25GHz model.


  10. Thanks for all the information, much appreciated! Keep it coming… :)

    Daniel Dura

    29 Oct 03 at 11:12 am

  11. Try out SubEthaEdit for a good editor. It’s main gimmick is that it’s capable of collaborative editing, but it also has custom syntax capabilities. The syntax files are .plist files (which are really just XML). I use Jedit sometimes too, but SubEthaEdit is really lean and quick comparatively.

    Philip Carlson

    29 Oct 03 at 4:34 pm

  12. Congrats dude….on the new Apple. I tried to win me one the other day .. missed out :(

    The more I look around the more I’m looking to buy an Apple Laptop. Oh and the new G5′s the desktops .. they also are SILENT. Trying to hook up a review machine.

    Still after spending a day editing video in iMovie .. give me Combustion on PC anyday … for the same price you get MORE processor, MORE ram and MORE space.

    But hey .. FINALLY I think systems are at a point where switching from one to the other is no longer a hassle or an issue. I can’t wait for the day when software manufactures offer a pricing option that allows you to get a license for 2 platforms for another $10 or $50 over the price of 1 platform.

    Congrats Danny …

    Mr K

    3 Nov 03 at 9:19 pm

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