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Pioneer – The next Napster?

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Ok, so I know the title is a bit overblown, but the I believe there may be a small parrallel between the electronics manufacturer and the now deceased file-sharing twin of the new Napster 2.0. Are we going to reexamine the copyright issue, just in another light?

While I was browsing an online news source, I saw an ad for a TiVo/DVD-Burner set-top box, manufactured by the electronics giant Pioneer (who notably from what I understand has no investment in any large studios, unlike Sony). I began to think to myself, “Wait a sec, wouldn’t this break copyright?”. Now, maybe I am wrong, but lets think about something: Lets say you TiVo a movie from HBO, burn it on a disk, and then maybe give that disk to a friend. From my understanding of the law, you have just committed a felony by distributing copyrighted material. Not only that, but lets say that you just burn it for your own library. This can’t make the movie studios happy, and they are sure to have a fit.

Now lets be honest, I know there are probably plenty of people out there who are TiVo’ing there favorite shows and burning them to disk. Its pretty harmless: maybe its your favorite episode of a show, or your childs favorite cartoon. But when devices and software are developed that condsiderably lower the ‘effort’ curve, and provide near 100% original quality (aka digital), I have never seen corporate America react in a positive way. And why should they, they plan on selling you the DVD set of Season 1 of Friends for $59.95? Why should you be allowed to ‘rip’ it from your digital satellite signal, and straight to CD?

Just trying to fire up some conversation on Friday, any thoughts? Will this device stir up another round of lawsuits? In any case, I know I want one :)

Written by Daniel Dura

October 31st, 2003 at 2:00 pm

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5 Responses to 'Pioneer – The next Napster?'

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  1. I agree… the RIAA and MPAA are essentially a bunch of whining babies, and the more whining they do, the less and less people seem to respect them.

    How many of us used to make “mix tapes” for our friends in high school, or taped hundreds of episodes of our favorite tv shows on videocasette? It wasn’t until the possibilty of digital replication came about that the powers that be seemed to give a damn about all this revenue they are losing. Why is that? If it is really solely about the loss in profit, why is it only an issue now? Here’s an idea… put out a cd that contains more than one track of actual listenable music and perhaps people will be willing to pay $15 for it. :)

    And for the same reason that it was ok to tape tv shows in the past, I can’t imagine that tivo-ing and burning shows to dvd for personal use is illegal. If that’s the case, then the tivo device itself should be illegal as well, you know?

    The fact of the matter is that people are going to pirate copyrighted material, and there is little that the music and motion picture industry can do about it, other than to try to find alternate methods of revenue generation, like per-track sales via Napster,iTunes,Listen.com and the like.

    The ostrich needs to pulls it’s head out of the sand and realize this, and fast, or suffocate, in my opinion.

    Josh Ettwein

    1 Nov 03 at 10:05 am

  2. Hmm yeah .. okay but what’s the difference really between that and video? I mean for how many years have we been able to video from digital TV? or even normal TV? Heck some VCR’s you enter a programme code and it does it all for you .. no setting times or dates etc.

    I think Josh is right, people will always priate stuff, the whole idea of TiVO/VCR/DVD etc is convienence … copy what’s on TV to watch it later at your lesiure. I think they MIGHT kick up a fuss if Blockbuster started selling/renting “HBO TiVo’d movies for 50% cheaper than the originals” …

    *sigh* and we are SO backward over here in NZ we don’t even HAVE TiVo yet :(

    Mr K

    3 Nov 03 at 9:23 pm

  3. I think that RIAA and MPAA will win


    3 Dec 03 at 9:34 am

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    elie d'avezac

    1 Oct 04 at 5:57 am

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