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Well, now the real fun begins. MX 2004 has been released (atleast for DevNet subscribers) and for the Flash Community, the real digging in will begin. We have a whole new version of ActionScript, new tools, new ways to develop applications (forms), and more. Hopefully over the next few weeks, I will be posting a bit more about what I think have been some of the hidden but powerful features of Flash MX 2004 Professional.

But let me first point you to one of my favorites. Flash MX 2004 Professional includes a webservice browser. Basically, you punch in the wsdl for the service, and right within Flash, you can view the required parameters for different methods, and instantly set up WebService objects that will make the calls. Then, if you like, you then have the ability to bind results to components.

Another little favorite of mine, that can easily go unnoticed, is the way you set breakpoints in your code in the IDE. Instead of right clicking on the line (which now selects the line of code), you just click on the left margin of the line, and BAM, a breakpoint. OK, so it may save you 2 seconds, but those seconds add up :)

More to come… but while you are at it, check out Grant Skinner’s new blog, and his exposť on ActionScript 2.0.

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September 9th, 2003 at 7:02 pm

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