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This is where you can find links to open source projects that I am working on. You are welcome to the code, as long as you adhere to the license specified. For the most part, projects and source code here are under a license that will allow you to use the code however you wish, as long as credit is given. Just check each project for details.

I may not always be able to provide instant responses to help and support for these projects, but I will do my best.

TwitterCamp is a desktop application that allows you to monitor tweets from your friends using the popular Twitter service. The application was built for the ApolloCamp mini-conference and uses the recently released Apollo runtime alpha and Twitter API. The application is especially suited for running on large displays such as plasmas, LCDs, and projectors at conferences. It is simple to customize the interface so that you can use the application for your conference.

This library enables manipulation of XMPP packets and handles communication between XMPP Clients and XMPP IM servers. It is built entirely in ActionScript 3 and takes advantages of advances in that language and new Flash Player 9 APIs which allow direct socket communication with other endpoints.

FlexUnit is a unit testing framework for Flex and ActionScript 3.0 applications and libraries. It mimics the functionality of JUnit, a Java unit testing framework, and comes with a graphical test runner.

AS3 YouTube API
This API allows developers to access the YouTube API using an ActionScript 3 library. I developed this library while Mike Chambers, Christian Cantrell, and myself were developing the Flow application which was demoed at FlashForward in Fall of 2005.

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