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Update: As of November 24, 2008: TwitterCamp has been updated. The latest version now uses the Twitter search API, so users no longer need to authenticate or follow the target user to see their messages on the screen. Also, I added a configuration panel so that you could easily re-skin the application without having to recompile or modify configuration files. Please use the instructions below to install the application or to download the source visit http://code.google.com/p/twittercamp-official

TwitterCamp in action.

TwitterCamp is a desktop application that allows you to monitor tweets from your friends using the popular Twitter service. The application was built for the ApolloCamp mini-conference and uses the Adobe AIR runtime and Twitter Search API. The application is especially suited for running on large displays such as plasmas, LCDs, and projectors at conferences. It is simple to customize the interface so that you can use the application for your conference.

The only request I make is that you leave the ‘Developed by’ line in the user interface or link back to this page on your conference website. This isn’t required, but would be greatly appreciated. I also make use of Ely Greenfield’s SuperImage component, which is also distributed under an MIT License.

Click here if you would like to view the source of the entire application in your browser.

If you have any questions about this application or how to customize it please feel free to contact me using the comments below. If you have an urgent request contact me via email. I will not be able to answer all questions via email but will do my best. I will also keep this page updated with the latest information on the application so be sure to check back often or subscribe to my RSS feed.


TwitterCamp is built using the Adobe AIR runtime which is available for both Mac OS X and Windows. This version has not been tested with the Adobe AIR Linux beta which is available on Adobe Labs.


  1. Download and install the Adobe AIR runtime.
  2. Download the TwitterCamp.air file here.
  3. Locate the TwitterCamp.air file and double click on it. Follow the installer instructions.


To use TwitterCamp, launch the application by double-clicking on the shortcut. Once opened, the application should present you with a configuration screen. You can configure the search terms using the search operators described here. To open the application to full screen, double-click on the logo in the bottom right of the screen. To exit fullscreen, click the Esc. button on your keyboard. To access the configuration panel after you have closed it, either press the ‘C’ key, or right click and select the ‘TwitterCamp Configuration’ menu.


Customization of the application can be accomplished in two ways. First, you can modify the source of the application and repackage the .air file. This will allow you to redistribute your application with all of the customizations built in. To do this you will need to download the source of the application here, install the Flex Builder 3 Beta. Flex Builder is an Eclipse based IDE for building Flex applications and the Flex 3 Beta will allow you to deploy applications to AIR. If you do not want to use Flex Builder, you can also download the free Flex SDK using the same links as above. This requires much more manual configuration, but if you are familiar with terminal or shell commands it shouldn’t be difficult to use. Once you have your development environment setup, you can modify and recompile the source for the application and repackage the AIR file using Flex Builder, or the AIR SDK command line tool ‘adt.’

The second way to customize the application is create your own images and point to those images in the configuration panel. To launch the configuration panel, press the ‘C’ key on your keyboard or right click anywhere in the application and select ‘TwitterCamp Configuration’.


TwitterCamp Screenshot


Written by Daniel Dura

April 9th, 2007 at 3:58 pm

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  2. Wow, this looks great… but the download wouldn’t work… could you either zip the .air file or fix your server to download the file as a binary?

    Chris Messina

    10 Apr 07 at 10:27 pm

  3. thanks for sharing..

    savvas malamas

    11 Apr 07 at 8:37 am

  4. @Chris – Can you try again? I added the mime type registration to my server, so the download should work now. You may have to clear your cache. If it still isn’t working after that, let me know.

    Daniel Dura

    11 Apr 07 at 8:42 am

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  7. Hi
    It can’t show Traditional Chinese correctly.
    maybe you can change the font setting of text field.



    11 Apr 07 at 5:12 pm

  8. @maso – If you download and recompile the application, you should be able to change the font of the text in the bubble. I will try and make that easier in an update I am going to release next week. I will probably add a settings panel that will allow you to change the fonts.

    Daniel Dura

    11 Apr 07 at 5:23 pm

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  10. [...] TwitterCamp ist eine Apollo basierende Anwendung um die tweets, von Freundn anzeigen zu lassen. [...]

  11. [...] TwitterCamp Questa la voglio al prossimo BarCamp!!! Avete capito organizzatori ? (mi rivolgo direttamente a voi) TwitterCamp è un’ottima applicazione sviluppata in Apollo (per Apollo? ,con Apollo? come si dovrebbe dire?) con Flex e Apollo. Non fa latro che prendere i cinguettii dei vari utenti Twitter che hanno come contatto TwitterCamp e mostrarli tramite un’interfaccia ben organizzata e studiata. [...]

    TwitterCamp « gp

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  14. [...] La moda dei BarCamp è sempre più alta, noi ci stiamo preparando per il VenetoCamp, e naviganto in internet ho trovato questa nuova applicazione denomitanta proprio, TwitterCamp. [...]

  15. [...] TwitterCamp è un ottima applicazione, basata su Twitter, sviluppata da Daniel Dura in occasione dell’ApolloCamp, un BarCamp. Ciò che TwitterCamp fa è molto semplice: visualizza infatti gli ultimi twitt dei propri contatti in uno schermata molto pulita e ben studiata, attraverso la quale è possibile avere una veloce panoramica di ciò che i propri amici stanno dicendo in Twitter. Gli utilizzi di questo applicativo possono essere svariati: può infatti tornare utile a un singolo che ha voglia di avere, nella propria stanza, una schermata per tenere sotto controllo il suo account di Twitter o può anche tornare utile in manifestazioni o eventi, come nell’ApolloCamp, nel quale se ne è fatto un uso molto interessante, che non sarebbe male imitare nei futuri BarCamp italiani, vale a dire lasciarlo andare per tutta la durata dell’evento su un monitor molto grande, in modo che i partecipanti potessero vedere, in tempo reale, cosa si diceva in Twitter riguardo al ApolloCamp e interagire con coloro che, per vari motivi, non erano potuti essere presenti. [...]

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  17. How do you get Twittcamp to view the public time line?

    Jerome Chan

    13 Apr 07 at 4:54 pm

  18. @Jerome – currently there is not a way to view the public timeline. I will look into adding to an update I will be releasing next week.

    Daniel Dura

    13 Apr 07 at 5:16 pm

  19. [...] I was working with Daniel Dura’s TwitterCamp application today and wanted to see about changing the font. Danny was using a SWF file as the font source, so I went looking for a replacement and came across Stefan Isarie’s site. He has almost 300 fonts, all in SWF format, that you can use for your Flex or Flash application. [...]

  20. Hi Daniel, I am a Flash/Flex developer from Texas and I wasn’t able to attend the camp. I am interested in checking out the twitter app you did with Apollo. Is there perhaps a guest login I could use to enter the app and see what it is all about?



    20 Apr 07 at 8:25 am

  21. @Chris – To use the application, sign up for a Twitter account at http://www.twitter.com. In the login screen of the application, enter your username and password. By default it will show your personal ‘Friends Timeline.’ If you would like to view another user’s Friends Timeline, enter their username in the third field of the login form.

    Daniel Dura

    20 Apr 07 at 7:29 pm

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  30. How Can Affiliates and Online Marketers Use Twitter…

    It was a lot of fun exploring Twitter the last two weeks and setting up our Affiliate Tweets. In my previous blog I alluded to having a few ideas I had rolling around my head about how affiliates and online……

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  32. [...] Tomorrow I’ll be heading for BarCamp in Brussels together with Tom and Bert. Werner already came by the IBBT offices today to pick up 2 large 40″ Barco LCD monitors (each with their own 6 foot stand), the Sony HD DV cam, a table projector and the necessary cables to connect it all. We tested the TwitterCamp application on one of the Barco’s and it looked awesome. Very impressive stuff. Werner did a nice job customizing the interface. [...]

  33. [...] Semplice, aggiungilo alla tua lista di followers e lui ti farà diventare un amico. Così a Matera sabato prossimo i campers potranno vedere ciò che dice la twittersfera mentre voi potrete partecipare alle twitterconversazioni della città dei Sassi! [...]

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  35. I could see this being used in a work environment to keep everyone apprised of the status of the different workers. Kinda like an Out of Office Board.

    Jason Nelms

    7 May 07 at 12:57 pm

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  37. [...] P.S. Sarebbe bello fare in modo di lasciare aperta l’applicazione su un monitor, visibile a tutti i partecipanti, com’è stato fatto all’ApolloCamp. C’è qualche organizzatore in ascolto ? [...]

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  40. [...] But wait there is even more. At Faculty Academy, I liked how they set up the TwitterCamp (and Adobe Apollo app), a conference twitter account, to display activity from everyone twittering who was a “friend of fa07″. [...]

  41. [...] Alan has also customized Daniel Dura’s Twittercamp for use at the NMC conference. This is something I want to see happen at NECC. As Alan points out, it is pretty easy to customize the interface of Twittercamp to match an event. I threw together a version of Twittercamp with a bit of the NECC look and feel and went ahead and registered a Twitter user called NECC. Once in Atlanta, I would love to see a large screen display hooked up where folks can point Twitter posts to @NECC and they will show up on the display. Kind of an interactive bulletin board for all those meet me at the such and such entrance messages. [...]

  42. Daniel,

    I’m getting the following error when i try to recompile
    Severity and Description Path Resource Location Creation Time Id
    1172: Definition com.adobe.utils:DateUtil could not be found. TwitterCamp/com/adobe/services/twitter TwitterStatus.as line 24 1181888062755 30

    I looked at the folder structure and didn’t see DateUtil in the COM/ADOBE folder


    Sean Scott

    15 Jun 07 at 8:02 pm

  43. DateUtil is part of our CoreLib project, which can be found at http://code.google.com/p/as3corelib.

    Daniel Dura

    18 Jun 07 at 12:23 pm

  44. thank you daniel

    Sean Scott

    20 Jun 07 at 2:21 pm

  45. Thanks for this app. Ive added it to the twitter list here:



    25 Jun 07 at 10:28 am

  46. [...] The most interesting part of the day (and the conference) as been the explosion of twitter. Part of yesterday’s conversation was around ways we can use this in the classroom? So today I downloaded TwitterCamp, installed it and the invited people to the Blogger Cafe for a preview of the software (of course the invite came via Twitter). Once there, things got out of control. The conversation started John Pederson grabbed my laptop and hooked it up the a TV that was standing by. From there we decided that nobody would watch it in the corner (and my laptop needed power) so we moved the TV so it was facing away from the Cafe and towards the foot traffic. People then started adding me as a friend and watching to see their twit pop up on the screen. For the next 5 hours the conversation was fantastic and I ended up spending the rest of the day at the Cafe.Ryan Bretag and I were talking tonight over where do you categorize twitter? The best thing I can come up with is a hybrid between IMing and Blogging. [...]

  47. nice app. but it has just started asking me for twitter api code after i log in?? anyone help


    5 Jul 07 at 3:18 am

  48. [...] Daniel Dura has publish in his blog code and .air of his twitter app with Apollo that He developed for Apollo Camp. Daniel begin his description: [...]

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  50. Kia ora,

    This is very cool. We may use it in an upcoming StartupWeekend. Hope you and you had a great time in NZ.


    Ryan Howell

    5 Aug 07 at 7:45 pm

  51. [...] One of the great features of AIR is the ability to go fullscreen. Obviously this could be abused – but when used properly, this opens up many doors. One great example of a useful fullscreen application is Daniel Dura’s Twittercamp. When you click on the logo (bottom-right) it opens up into a fullscreen application. This is extremely useful for display in some “presentation” type mode – such as on a plasma or LCD Television. [...]

  52. [...] I’m frustrated with Twittercamp at the moment. It works for awhile and then just stops updating….not sure what’s wrong. We ended up having two of our GeekSquad kids sit and manually refresh the twitter page…not as cool…but still did the job. [...]

  53. [3:10:05 PM] Steve Hargadon says: I’m running Twittercamp on Windows, and I get a flash error that seems to put it out of commission.
    [3:10:16 PM] Steve Hargadon says: Ran for about an hour for me today, now not updating.
    [3:10:32 PM] Steve Hargadon says: Too bad, because running it on a second monitor is turning out to be a really good way to look at twitter.
    [3:10:34 PM] Jeff Utecht says: same thing here
    [3:10:56 PM] Steve Hargadon says: Did you get the error?
    [3:10:57 PM] Jeff Utecht says: the little I know about programing
    [3:11:10 PM] Jeff Utecht says: it looks like it doesn’t connect one time and then that puts it out of commission
    [3:11:17 PM] Jeff Utecht says: so you have to exit and restart.
    [3:11:19 PM] Steve Hargadon says: I wonder if Mac users aren’t experiencing that.
    [3:11:27 PM] Jeff Utecht says: a pain during the conference.
    [3:11:44 PM] Jeff Utecht says: I haven’t found anyone to has gotten it to run on a Mac actually
    [3:11:50 PM] Jeff Utecht says: I know of at least 3 people that have tried
    [3:12:04 PM] Steve Hargadon says: Even when I restart, then it’s just blank.
    [3:12:10 PM] Steve Hargadon says: Did that happen to you?
    [3:12:35 PM] Steve Hargadon says: I think @couros is using on a mac. Not sure, but he’s also using twitterific, which is mac only (I think)
    [3:12:36 PM] Jeff Utecht says: yeah…sometimes it took up to 5 minutes for the bubbles to appear
    [3:12:50 PM] Steve Hargadon says: OK, that’s just too long!
    [3:12:55 PM] Jeff Utecht says: yeah
    [3:12:57 PM] Jeff Utecht says: we also found that
    [3:13:06 PM] Jeff Utecht says: once the error came up you could just click continue
    [3:13:17 PM] Jeff Utecht says: and it would take awhile but it would start to update again.
    [3:13:23 PM] Steve Hargadon says: Ahhh.
    [3:13:26 PM] Steve Hargadon says: Not patient enough.
    [3:13:35 PM] Jeff Utecht says: me either :)
    [3:13:40 PM] Jeff Utecht says: kids found that one out. :)
    [3:14:11 PM] Steve Hargadon says: OK, well I guess we’re both on the lookout for improvement there.
    [3:14:13 PM] Jeff Utecht says: I really want a program like TwitterCamp for this type of thing.
    [3:14:19 PM] Jeff Utecht says: Yep
    [3:14:23 PM] Steve Hargadon says: I agree.
    [3:14:26 PM] Jeff Utecht says: keep you posted if I find anything.

    Steve Hargadon

    26 Sep 07 at 2:20 pm

  54. Here’s the error message. (Windows XP machine).

    Adobe Flash 9
    An ActionScript error has occurred:
    TypeError: Error #1085: The element type “meta” must be terminated by the matching end-tag “”.
    at com.adobe.services.twitter::TwitterRequest/::handle_requestSuccess()
    at flash.events::EventDispatcher/flash.events:EventDispatcher::dispatchEventFunction()
    at flash.events::EventDispatcher/dispatchEvent()[C:\Documents and Settings\acrorel\Local Settings\Temp\aslibc-28157\EventDispatcher.as:205]
    at flash.net::URLLoader/flash.net:URLLoader::onComplete()[C:\Documents and Settings\acrorel\Local Settings\Temp\aslibc-28157\URLLoader.as:421]

    Steve Hargadon

    26 Sep 07 at 5:24 pm

  55. [...] Before the Learning 2.0 conference I was playing with Twittercamp. A very cool program with a lot of potential that shows twitter is a very cool way. I was having issues hacking up some of the coding to customize the look of the program. So, I went to my Twitter network and asked if anyone knew how to hack up Twittercamp. Within 15 minutes someone in my network had created a video (using Jing) and twittered back the link to me. It was a video with step by step instructions of how to hack the files in Twittercamp. Twitter: Instant access to help [...]

  56. Hoping you’ll moderate my previous comments out if they aren’t helpful. Rand Twittercamp and Twitteroo side by side for the last day, and found that both had long periods of not getting tweets. Must be a problem with Twitter API. When I’m more patient with Twittercamp because of this, works great and has been running for 15 hours now without a problem. (Had to dismiss flash error instead of continue, but seems to have worked.)

    If anyone’s working on this, I’ve noticed two things I would like: some subtle coloring to show “freshness” of posts, and an audible signal. I’ve got Twittercamp running on a second LCD monitor at my desk and really like using Twitter this way. Blog post at http://www.stevehargadon.com/2007/09/dealing-with-tmi.html. Thanks!

    Steve Hargadon

    27 Sep 07 at 1:44 pm

  57. Hi Daniel,

    I tested TwitterCamp a few months ago, just after the ApolloCamp mini-conference. I would like to use it for a mini-conference I am organizing, but when I try to run it (even the version posted here), it says that the version of AIR it uses is no longer supported. Is there any chance to have an updated version?

    Thanks in advance!

    Diego Leal

    9 Oct 07 at 5:26 am

  58. Just as an FYI – this app doesn’t work with the October 1st update of AIR.

    William Couch

    9 Oct 07 at 10:14 am

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  62. [...] Barcamp efficaci I BarCamp sono una cosa che i blogger sentono un po’ loro.Nel senso (e procedo vagamente per inclusioni logiche) che fin dalle iniziali Un-conference o FooCamp i BarCamp sono storicamente la forma di convegno ideata e promossa da persone alquanto coinvolte nei settori sociali dell’educazione formale (università, o comunque laureati) oppure da lavoratori dell’IT,  spesso quindi di formazione scientifica, i quali a loro volta ovviamente sono stati tra i primi blogger esistiti e tuttora molti blog autorevoli (anche se magari non parlano più di tecnica, ma di cultura tecnologica o anche di comportamenti sociali legati ai nuovi mass-media) sono editati da professionisti informatici, gente che a colazione si pappa linguaggi di programmazione e TCP/IP come io caffè lungo di caraffa con una imitazione del buondìmotta ripieno di marmellata, che è più buona dell’originale.Il BarCamp “appartiene” ai blogger, perché in Italia lo hanno fatto i blogger, viene tamtamizzato tramite blog e webpassaparola, presenta e si costruisce sugli stessi valori di comunicazione orizzontale, partecipazione dal basso, libertà di pensiero e di opinione, di fiducia nell’economia del dono quale garanzia dell’accrescimento e della condivisione dei saperi, di galateo online pragmatico che i blogger capaci di autocritica e metalinguaggio da tempo espongono quale propria assiologia di riferimento.Al BarCamp ci vanno solo dei blogger, cioè gente cha ha un blog? Ecco una domanda da scriversi sul prossimo questionario in entrata al prossimo BarCamp: questo perché oltre a far aggiungere un link al proprio blog sul barcampwiki di riferimento, io farei proprio compilare un form essenziale ai partecipanti – e intendo tutti quelli che andranno lì quel giorno – giusto per cominciare a popolare dei database che fra tre anni sarà gustoso compulsare.Al Barcamp si parla di contenitori web, di contenuti web dentro i contenitori web, di contenuti mondo dentro contenitori web, di contenuti mondo? Forse è ancora possibile fare dei BarCamp “puri”, appartenenti cioè esclusivamente ad una di queste categorie, ma in capo a qualche anno per molti la distinzione mondo/web perderà significato, e si parlerà in generale di “realtà” come infosfera soggettivamente e collettivamente vissuta. I BarCamp parleranno di mondo, e che il mondo sia un luogo cognitivo e affettivo fatto anche di web non stupirà nessuno.Allo stesso modo forse non per molto ancora si potrà dire “barcamp ovvero il convegno dei bloggers”, perché i bloggers cominciano ad essere ormai di numero sufficiente a far esplodere qualsiasi peculiarità dell’etichettamento basato sul piccolo gruppo, dalle caratteristiche facilmente identificabili in quanto rilevanti (nel senso sfondo-figura) rispetto ad una socialità più ampia: nel senso che un barcamp diventerà un convegno, normale convegno, se un domani i blogger in Italia saranno cinque milioni.I BarCamp sono in sé degli eventi sociali: vi convergono persone fisiche, si formano reti amicali e professionali, agiscono i soliti meccanismi di partecipazione ed sentimento di appartenenza che  scavano percorsi preferenziali nell’allestimento di categorie valoriali e schemi affettivi relazionali, esistono ormai rituali e cerimoniali (il cibo, il wifi, il reportage collettivo), uno sfondo mitologico, i primi semieroi, un’emozione condivisa, un centro di attenzione comune; più volte si è provato a riflettere sul modello del BarCamp, più volte si sono analizzati pro e contro, più volte si è provato ad indicare alcune migliorìe. Su IBlog e su Senzavolto trovo due recenti validi ragionamenti, qui ne parlai tempo fa, qui a Padova sono stato chiamato a raccontare qualcosa, e quindi sto saccheggiando il web per avere spunti di ragionamento.Però volevo sottolineare che forse qualcosa si sta muovendo in direzione di una maggiore interattività dell’evento, oltre a chat spontanee a commento sincronico su skype o a dirette in videostreaming con supporto chat: questo applicativo TwitterCamp indicato da Giovanni Calia in pratica dispone su uno schermo tutti i twit ricevuti da un utente, cosicché durante un BarCamp potrebbe essere facile stabilire dialoghi polivocali, multi-loghi, e provare a sperimentare realmente nuove modalità di costruzione collaborativa della conoscenza. Non amo molto Twitter, ma vedrò cosa succede.Quando cominceranno a diffondersi veramente modalità collettive di partecipazioni ad eventi  contemporaneamente fisici e mediatici, all’inizio ci sarà inevitabilmente confusione, mancando in noi le competenze per poter padroneggiare tale esplosione di flussi informativi contemporanei e paralleli, non possedendo i codici comunicativi su cui impostare comportamenti adeguati alla nuova situazione.Ma ho fiducia nelle capacità adattive degli Umana, soprattutto riferendomi alla plasticità hardware e software del cervello: in fondo, anche il telefono (parlare con qualcuno non presente) credo abbia suscitato al suo apparire delle crisi esistenziali in molte persone.Sempre mantenendo ferma l’idea che presenza fisica e presenza mediata degli interlocutori sono due àmbiti diversi, che in un caso la comunicazione assume caratteristiche che nell’altro non sono praticabili, e viceversa. Ma le tecnologie si integrano e si sommano, lo sappiamo. [...]

  63. Hi,

    just discover your application, and but as I’m on Air Beta 3, I can’t use it, would you consider to update your app ?

    thanks in advance,

    Charles Liebert

    Charles Liebert

    13 Jan 08 at 10:27 am

  64. Hi Daniel I saw twittercamp at Podcamp AZ in november and loved it. I tried installing it today and I’m getting an installation error of “This application requires a version of Adobe Air which is no longer supported.”

    Is there an updated version of twittercamp?


    14 Jan 08 at 4:41 am

  65. Hello. The app looks great but will there be an updated version that works with the new version of AIR? Thanks.

    Gil Creque

    15 Feb 08 at 8:13 am

  66. Daniel,

    I have updated the TwitterCamp code to work with the Production AIR 1 release. I blogged about the experience at http://blakeeaton.blogspot.com/2008/03/getting-twittercamp-to-work-with-air-1.html

    The updated source is at

    http://www.riaplayground.com/twittercamp.zip if you would like to use it.


    Blake Eaton

    6 Mar 08 at 6:10 pm

  67. Daniel,

    I moved the TwitterCamp source to:



    Blake Eaton

    7 Mar 08 at 5:30 am

  68. Hi Daniel-
    I’m getting an error…noob question I’m sure…

    Sorry, an error has occurred
    This application requires a version of Adobe AIR which is no longer supported. Please contact the application author for an updated version.

    I’m trying to install twittercamp to display at a conference in San Jose.

    Janet clarey

    26 Mar 08 at 8:53 am

  69. I had a twitter friend compile the code from http://blakeeaton.blogspot.com/2008/03/getting-twittercamp-to-work-with-air-1.html to make twittercamp work with AIR 1.0 see screenshot here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/waynesutton/2379390348/

    wayne sutton

    31 Mar 08 at 7:48 pm

  70. [...] from everyone who works there. I thought this was a great idea but think that something like Daniel Dura’s Twittercamp or knock something up using the SWX format as both of these will allow the auto-update feature [...]

  71. Latest version of Adobe AIR does not support Twittercamp – will update be released soon? THe links suggested above do not seem to work.

    Kim Flintoff

    4 May 08 at 3:55 pm

  72. still dont see german äüöß supported. any chance for a fix on that? thx


    9 Jun 08 at 11:48 am

  73. [...] well over a year now. I first used it at the 2007 Faculty Academy here at UMW for a program called Twittercamp, which is a program that would aggregate “tweets” from Twitter and display them on a [...]

  74. [...] well over a year now. I first used it at the 2007 Faculty Academy here at UMW for a program called Twittercamp, which is a program that would aggregate “tweets” from Twitter and display them on a [...]

  75. [...] 13, 2008 I was impressed by how the DevLearn 08 organizers were using the TwitterCamp application to gather tweets (Twitter messages and updates posted by the conference attendees) in [...]

  76. [...] @ronhoutman http://www.danieldura.com/code/twittercamp This is the coolest thing ever! [...]

  77. Great app.

    Here’s what it looks like when I search for all message to or from me.


    Very easy to configure!

    steve garfield

    28 Jan 09 at 1:31 pm

  78. [...] interesting. But yet another tool? (tags: collaboration networking crowdsourcing via:mento.info) Daniel Dura » TwitterCamp (tags: twitter web2.0 visualization software opensource adobe air via:mento.info) [...]

  79. Hey Daniel, great app.

    Am I missing something, or does it not save the settings from the configuration box? Everytime I launch, I have to re-set them.



    9 Feb 09 at 6:45 pm

  80. [...] its vaule as a learning tool, so ASTD made sure that it was there! We used an application called TwitterCamp, which couldn't be easier to use. Special thanks to Michelle Lentz and Brent Schenkler ! [...]

  81. [...] Ein Genie was Drupal und Improvisation angeht. Durch ihn wurde ich auf die Adobe Air App “TwitterCamp” aufmerksam. Diese App empfiehlt sich sehr, an Veranstaltungen wie Blogcamps und andere Web [...]

  82. [...] TwitterCamp TwitterCamp es una aplicación de escritorio basada en Adobe Air que nos permite monitorear tópicos, tendencias, usuarios y ‘hashtags’ utilizando el API de Twitter Search. Esta aplicación es perfecta para ser desplegada en a través de monitores o proyectores en conferencias. Su interfase es personalizable y fácil de usar. [...]

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